Who represents you?


TASK  To research and summarize a decade in Australian History

a.     Complete a set of 6 - 8 inquiry questions

b.    Research to locate key words and phrases

c.     Complete a table with key information

d.    Write a summary of your findings ( this will be done in class using the key words and phrases from your research)

e.     Complete a shared page on the class wiki about your decade


TASK- A Decade in Australia.pdf TASK- A Decade in Australia.pdf
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Type : pdf

Websites to assist you with your research 


 Design a Poster (A4)

to advertise a trip to the country you have researched.

Give reasons why we should visit your country. What will we do? e.g ski, swim, climb 

Your poster can be hand drawn or you may wish to use the computer program such as word or publisher. There are also other online free programs you could use.

Please remember this is a Print poster so you need to hand in a printed A4 sheet

Due date 6th August

 A poster should

  • Have type large enough to be viewed 
  • Have a simple and clear layout so your reader knows where to find the information.
  • Include all important information 
  • Have a dominate element such as a headline or image that will quickly catch your reader's eye.
  • Have the most important message emphasized by size, color, or value.
  • Have art that is related to the message.
  • Have the type and imagery arranged in a logical, functional sequence.
  • Have bold, intense colors to enhance your message so that it can be easily seen from a distance.

 Making Comparisons

making comparisons template.pdf making comparisons template.pdf
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Type : pdf


brochure holiday Asia.pdf brochure holiday Asia.pdf
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Type : pdf
SOUTH EAST ASIA mapping.pdf SOUTH EAST ASIA mapping.pdf
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Type : pdf

Some reference you may find helpful in your research 




Term 2 Australian History 



To create 3 posters which demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the three levels of Government
 Local, State, Federa

 (note that some students have already begun in a different format and may continue to do so)

Try to answer most of the following questions ( you could use images but you will need to label them)

What are their responsibilities?

Where is it located? What is it called?

Who is your representative?

What are some of the roles/jobs?

Who can vote?

Where does the money to pay for these responsibilities come from?

Where does the government sit? (building)

DUE DATE  20th May




Find your electorate

Find your representative


Find your electorate

                        Find your representative 

GLOSSARY     ( write a definition in your own words and if possible give an example)







 To complete your activity on Anzac Day Click on the link below


This term we will be looking at the History of Australia since the arrival of the first European Settlers 

To summarize your work you will be creating a timeline 

The timeline we will use is located at ReadWriteThink

You will have instruction in class about how to complete your timeline.
If you need reminding, Please check the video again


These are the dates you should have already included on your timeline

1788   European settlement Sydney Cove

1804  Settlement at Hobart

1829   Swan River Colony

1836  Adelaide settlement

!851 Victoria settlement

Timeline Topics

1788 settlement at Botany Bay

1804 settlement at Hobart

1824 settlement at Brisbane

!829 Swan River

1836 Adelaide settlement

1850 gold discovered at Ballarat

1851 Victoria is recognised as being separate from New South Wales

1854 Eureka Stockade

 1889 Henry Parkes' Tenterfield speech

1891 Constitution is drafted

1901 Queen Victoria proclaims Commonwealth of Australia 1 January 1901

1914 World War 1

!915 Gallipoli


Create a glossary of terms for your work in Australian History

·   Your glossary may be in Word or handwritten but must be set out as follows leaving room for additions throughout the term.
·   Where possible give an example and or include an image
·   Remember to write in your own words and be concise.
Use Arial 14 for your definitions if typing -Title is own choice
·   .Don’t forget to insert your footer which must include your name and class· 
Save in your History folder as Glossary

colony - a group of people who leave their native country to form in a new land a settlement e.g. Swan River Colony

convict -someone guilty of a crime

indigenous- belonging to a place e.g the kangaroo is indigenous to Australia