Create an Australian History Timeline

 Your timeline needs to show the dates and some information about the settlement of the six colonies

  • New South Wales
  • Queensland (Moreton Bay)
  • Hobart (Van Dieman's Land)
  • Swan River Colony
  • Victoria
  • South Australia

  • Federation
  • Acknowledge aboriginal as first settlers
  • Other important dates
six colonies.pdf six colonies.pdf
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      Each timeline should include

 a date     1788

a title       First Fleet

a description    

The first fleet of Europeans arrived at Sydney Cove to begin a convict settlement

Click on the picture linked below and follow the instructions in the PowerPoint to create your timeline online using readwritethink


  • Open a word document
  • Create a list one word under each
  • Type your Name 5 times.
  • Type in History 3 times
  • Type in Australia 3 times
  • Type in another 20 words from the Glossary (see attached)
  • Save as history glossary
  • Spell check
  • teacher check
  • Go to
  • Click on create
  • Copy and paste all of your words
  • use the menu to create your wordle
  •  You must keep your background white but may change the font colours/layout /style
  •  When complete do a screen capture onto a word document.You may like to add a border to your page
  • Print and place in a plastic folder to house all your History work this semester

historyglossary.docx historyglossary.docx
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Click on the picture above to go to Wordle online and create your own wordle 

Australia Day 

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