STILL LIFE using chalk and charcoal


Beautiful Spring weather saw us setting out tables under the trees to get our hands dirty and sculpture with clay.

Despite the wind drying out the  clay students did a great job of using slab construction to create a mug/container

.Despite many using clay for the very first time ,everyone had a great time.

Results reflected understanding of how to join clay correctly and the sensitivity of construction when air drying clay..Very pleased with everyone's efforts


Students looked at the colours from the australian landscape, viewed contemporary aboriginal style paintings and aerial photographs to interpret their own visual of the Australian Landscapes incorporating line, colour and design from aboriginal symbols.

BLENDING with Pastels

students looked at highlights and colour values to create spheres and draw pears using oil pastels

Notan is a Design Element used for creating composition in art
The Japanese use the term ‘Notan’ to describe an important element of design.
This concept involves the play of light versus dark. 
Notan means dark versus light harmony. 
The Japanese concept of two value Notan uses the simple concept of contrasting light and dark shapes.


Year 6 created Pet Rocks and Butterflies to sell at market Day to raise funds for World Vision.

Results were so inspiring Well done everyone.

Amazing collaborative work everyone.


Art Card Designs
P& C fundraiser

This week the year 6 students have been working hard to complete their designs for their cards.We looked at the work different artists who work in a folk art style.

Some amazing results. Great job everyone!

Rotational Prints


This week we made a great start with our printing.

We spent a lot of time designing our print but some students managed to do their first print with great results

Down by the River

Point Walter


View from across the river

 Point Walter 

room 2 

View form Point Walter Camp 3 

 In our Journals this week we looked at

 warm and cool colours & blending using oil Pastels

Journal work displays our understanding of Line

Blending cool colours 

Line  Zentangles