Spring Time - watercolour

ITALIAN TILES by Room 3     Bellissimo! 

painted tiles to sell at the Italian Fiesta


Room 2 students have certainly captured the colours in our Australian landscape


Amazing Weather...Amazing Drawings in the great outdoors  Room4

Beautiful Day...Beautiful Drawings room 3 

Room 3

Still Life room3 

Gargoyles  room 2

Marvelous          Marbling  



The art room desks were covered in animals this week as we all worked on creating our ZENTANGLE ANIMALS 

See below works in progress

don't forget to click on the image for a full view


Notan Design

Each class completed a Notan design.Looking at Positive and negative shapes Notan is the combination of lights and darks especially as used in Japanese art.The design or pattern of work of art as seen in areas of dark and light valuesWe used a square of black paper to create our Notan Designs.Excellent work samples below

  PAINTING with TISSUE                              click on each frame to enlarge

Australian Landscapes 

Floral Tributes 

Abstract Designs with Geometric shapes


Although as yet unfinished we can see students from room 4 have captured the essence of the Australian landscape 

Tissue paper abstracts by Room 2 

Real show stoppers Looking forward to seeing the finished results from other classes

Somethings Fishy by room 3

Fantastic work ! 

Finished bookmarks from room 2 

Every one had a wonderful time yesterday when we were visited by our artists in residence- mosaic artists Lisa and Paul Petale from workshed mosaics

Students created a mosaic piece of a leaf or wildflower mandala which will be placed on the new seating to be built in the area in front of the office.

It was great fun working under the trees to create our mosaic masterpieces

Thank you to Lisa ,Paul and Rebecca for their excellent organisation and artistic advice in assisting us all to complete our creations.We are looking forward to seeing our mosaic pieces grouted and placed on the walls.

Below are some of the works in progress


Room 4 students have been all a flutter this week creating some magnificent bird pictures

Click on images for more detail and to begin slide show

A group of Year 7 students created these Mandalas by dividing a circle into eighths, and creating a  symmetrical pattern which was repeated in the 4 quarters .Great results everyone


Room 2 took a really close look at flowers this week.Looking at natural Mandala shapes and the work of Artist Georgia o'Keeffe .Simply stunning work

Things went a bit pear shaped in the art room this week.

Some great blending and shading.

Good enough to eat!   

Click on the first picture to view the slide show,,You should be able to see the student's names on their work

Room 4's Graffiti Wall .Looking Wow!

Great job !

Room 2 are producing some great graffiti graphics for their bookmarks 

All classes did an amazing job working with Acrylics to create different values


Week 1

Looking forward to seeing work completed this week.Your graphic letter designs and zentangles are looking great

See below some works in progress CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE FULL PICTURE